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Welcome to the Division of Building Materials homepage! Here you can find information about us and the work we do. You can also search for our publications, such as articles, research reports and theses.

Assembly of sorption calorimeter

Atmospheric corrosion on steel plate

Brick facade

Brick fracture surface

Concrete specimens in the waste bin

Submerged corrosion samples after one year in the harbour

Retrieving corrosion precimens from a harbour

Light-weight clinker block

Lichens of brick

Fracture surface in a cement mortar with brittle fracture of aggregate grain

Plate-like corrosion products on steel exposed to a marine environment

Pit pores on tangential surface of spruce heartwood

Painted wood panel

Penicillium mould with spores 0.002 mm in diameter

Mineral wool insulation

Concrete surface with air pores


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WSE2019 in Lund

WSE2019 is this year arranged in Lund by Division of Building Materials on 9-10 October! This is the 15th annual meeting of Northern European Network for Wood Science & Engineering. Deadline for registration and Extended Abstracts is 1 August. For more information, see